Beannachtaí na Nollag

Nollaig Shona ó gach éinne i Rang a Cúig

Christmas greetings to all our visitors from Fifth class Scoil Eoin.


Inspired by Mr. Bean

My Idea I was trying to think of an idea for our class recycling project when I heard my sister playing the guitar and that inspired me to think of the guitar. Later in the evening I was watching Mr. Bean’s holiday on TV and I noticed that he had an interesting suitcase and then I remembered the box my sister’s laptop had come in and I thought that I could recycle it into a suitcase.

How I made the items I started off with an empty tissue box and covered it with brown paper. My mam stuck in pins to find the middle section of the box. We wrapped twine around the pins to make the strings. The following day I painted the guitar light brown and put red stripes on the handle while I was in school. I cut the piece at the top of the handle out of cardboard and put pins in to make tuners.

To make the suitcase I covered the laptop box with brown paper. I used a medium dark brown paint and coated the case twice with the paint. When the paint had dried my sister helped me to draw flags of the countries Mr. Bean had visited. Next we stuck them on the front and the top near the handle. Finally my mam got a name tag and a flight tap and we wrote a funny address on the name tag. We were delighted with the final result. The suitcase and guitar looked amazing. It was worth all the work that I had put into it.

Mrs. Ryan Retires

Pupils that were taught by Mrs. Ryan in recent years send their best wishes to her.

Mrs. Ryan taught Third class last year some of her past pupils remember that time.


Making Christmas Cards

On Tuesday members of the Parents’ Association came to our class to help us make Christmas cards. They brought special card, pictures of Christmas scenes and diamante to use as decoration. We used double sided tape to stick them all on.

We had many different types of pictures to choose from such as pictures of Santa and pictures of snowmen. The diamante came in many different sizes from small to large. We used them to decorate our cards.

Thanks to Sally, Gwen, Ashley, Helen and Jacinta from the Parents’ Association for all their help and for the materials for making the cards . In the end all the cards turned out to be brilliant.

Our Christmas Play

This year, our class are performing a Christmas play. We have been very busy preparing and rehearsing it. Today, we are performing for our school and on Thursday, we are performing our play for the parents. Our play is about the birth of Jesus. We are all very excited. Anna has all the costumes and we had a fun time trying them on. We are really looking forward to our Christmas play!



Click on the images to play the games.

Scratch Project

Dragon ghost game

Made by Augustine.

Scratch Project

A man is abducted by an alien

Made by Joe

Scratch Project

A monster meets a character on the beach

Made by Nasser

Scratch Project

Two knights are having a conversation.

Made by Augustine.



Created by Erica

Created by Sinéad

Created by Jennifer

Created by Eoghan

Created by Lorcan


I Am Eleven

I am Eleven is a very inspirational warm hearted documentary viewing the world through the eyes of eleven year olds across the globe. It was made by Genevieve Bailey an Australian documentary filmmaker.

If you would like to read more about some of the children in the movie click on the links below.
Goh from Thailand.
Vandana from Kerala in India.
Kimberley from New Jersey USA

What are the similarities and differences between the lives of the children in the movie and your life? What are your dreams for the future?

Living in an Oak Tree

We are studying an Oak tree that is growing in our school grounds. The tree is about twenty five years old. We were amazed to find that several insects lived in the tree. Brandon and I hope you enjoy our Photostory on the Oak tree.


From Liquid to Solid in Eight Minutes

Last week I had to do an  experiment with cream. Cream is a liquid. It is lighter than milk and usually floats on top of the milk. I put 250 ml. of cream into a bowl. I got an electric beater and as  I whisked and whisked the cream got thicker and thicker.
 After 8 minutes the cream turned into a solid. I had made butter. I tasted it and thought  it was delicious. It didn't taste the same as normal butter because it wasn't salted.

Some children were amazed at the transformation.

After eight minutes the cream had changed into butter. 
This is what the butter looked like when we took it out of the bowl. If you look carefully you may notice a little buttermilk.

This picture of butter patties was taken in the National Museum at Collin's Barracks. They were used in the 20th Century to roll the butter.


Exploring Our Locality

Read our Flip Book to discover some of the things that saw on a recent field trip in our locality.


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Scoil Eoin Student Council organised a Christmas shoebox appeal to help people who aren’t as lucky as we are. Team Hope the charity involved has a warehouse in Dublin where they store the shoeboxes before they are shipped abroad.

 We were encouraged to try our best to bring in an item or two to put in a class shoebox or you could do a full one by yourself. We were asked to include something to wash with, something to write with, something to wear and something with the wow factor e.g. a small toy, a packet of sweets etc.

Our shoeboxes are going to go to some Eastern European countries such as Ukraine
Romania, Czech Republic, Armenia and Moldova. Others will be going to African countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Swaziland, Congo and Burundi. We are so happy to say that ALL of the pupils in Scoil Eoin participated in some way. We have received 92 shoeboxes! We are so pleased with ourselves.

In class we watched a video which shows us how delighted and excited the children are when they receive their shoeboxes. After all, it’s more than likely the only Christmas present that they will get. So that’s why we now appreciate what we have and don’t take it for granted. We really hope to participate in the Christmas shoebox appeal next year!

Click here Team Hope   If you would like to learn more about Team Hope 


Inspired by Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s Blue Period took place between the years 1901 and 1903. During this period Picasso painted using shades of blue and blue-green. It was thought that Picasso used these cold blue colours as he was experiencing a lot of sadness following the death of his friend.
We hope you enjoy our portraits inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period
Thanks to Seomra Ranga for this lesson


The Story of Alma

In a dull, old town on a cold, snowy evening, a young girl went skipping along down the street. Suddenly, she stopped and in front of her she saw a large chalkboard with hundreds of names written on it.
    She reached into her jacket pocket, and took out a piece of chalk. The little girl found an empty space and among the many names she wrote her name Alma.
Alma gawped at all the names, when suddenly, she heard a noise.
    Alma turned to see a big window with a doll inside. She walked over to get a closer look. It almost seemed like staring at her reflection. Alma rubbed her eyes. She looked back and the doll was gone. Alma thought this was very strange. She tried to open the door. It was locked.
    She got annoyed and threw a snowball at the door. She began to storm off, but she heard the door open. She went inside, she saw the doll that she had seen in the window on a large table. Alma began to walk over, when suddenly she knocked over a doll on a bicycle. She put him back up right. It began to cycle towards the door, when it got quite close the door slammed shut!
    He seemed to want to get out. Alma turned back around, the doll had moved again! This time it was on a tall shelf. She went and pulled over a chair. Alma stood up on the chair. She reached up for the doll. She was almost there. There was a flash. She seemed to be sitting on the shelf. She couldn’t move a muscle. It suddenly dawned on her, she had turned into a doll.


Google Street View

This video shows how Google collects images for street view. It shows you how they get to places where cars can't go.


A Ghost Story from Rome

Prepare to be scared!

Click on this link to read a Scary story called The Ghost of Beatrice Canci

When you have read the story go to this assignment and see how much you can recall


The Grasshopper and the Ants Animation

The Grashopper and the Ants was a Walt Disney animation made in the 1930s As in the classic fable, the grasshopper plays his fiddle and lives for the moment, while the industrious ants squirrel away massive amounts of food for the winter. With his song, he's able to convince at least one small ant until the queen arrives and scares him back to work. The queen warns the grasshopper of the trouble he'll be in, come winter. Winter comes, and the grasshopper, near starvation, stumbles across the ants, who are having a full-on feast in their snug little tree. They take him in and warm him up. The queen tells him only those who work can eat so he must play for them

If you would like to read more about the animation click on this link clicking on this link



More science videos on Insects at NeoK12.com  
I hope that you will have a greater appreciation of the significance of spiders in our environment after watching this movie.

Measuring the Rainfall September 2012

In September we measured the rainfall in Scoil Eoin.Everyday we put a glass container with a funnel on top outside to collect the rainfall overnight.In the morning we brought it in and measure the rainfall using a graduated cylinder.Then we put the information on a chart in the classroom and also saved the information on  the computer.
We had a class rota and two people were in charge each week.
The highest rainfall was on the 24th September when we got was 637mm. I had to run out several times to change the container.

September Rainfall Block Graph

I recorded the information on Excel and at the end of the month I changed it over to a block graph.The first block graph has all of the dates but they just show the highest days.In the second block graph i left out the 25th of September because as you can see it only goes up to one hundred and eighty and we got six hundred and seventy two so when we tried it it would not work.The first block graph goes up to eight hundred ml so we did not


Solids, Liquids and Gases

Sort Solids Liquids and Gases into the correct category Click here to find the activity.

When you're finished you might also like to try this sorting activity. Click here


Street Art

Aga Gdowska used coloured balloons to make a very colourful display in Dublin city centre to celebrate Culture night 2012.She attached all the balloons to a net to keep them in their correct location. The balloons reminded her of a childrens' park.


Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations. We made individual origami designs and used them to make a class wall hanging.

Class Jigsaw


Red Admiral Butterfly

Butterflies were rarely seen in Ireland this summer  due to the unseasonal wet weather.This Red Admiral made his appearance during  some glorious sunny days at the beginning of September. He is busy feeding on nectar from the Biddleia bush. The Red Admiral migrates from the Mediterranean every year.