Calling Tarn, France

Calling Tarn

On Thursday we got the opportunity to make a Skype call to one of our eTwinning partners in Tarn in the southwest of France . it was great meeting and speaking to the students that we had worked with during the year.We thanked them for the beautiful lapbook featuring puzzles and information on the five countries participating in the eTwinning project that they had sent us. At the end of the session they sang La Marseillaise the French National Anthem. We ended the session by singing the song about Molly Malone.


Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is where someone volunteers to go to schools and teach the children for a few weeks about the skills that you need for a job,the resources that you need for your business and a few other things.It was great fun and I would like to do it again.Ruth from Top Oil came to work with our class. She told ue about natural resources, man made resources and human resources. We learned the skills you need for a business and how to make one. We had to work in groups to set up our own business and make out own advertisement.
by Jonathan

Working on the Global Connection activity with Ruth our tutor .

We are all connected globally through the products that we purchase. Here we are playing the Global Connection activity. We read from Global Needs Cards about a car manufaacturer that deals with workers and products from all over the world.We learned how the company's jobs and locations are connected.We had to listed to the explanation of how the cards connect and then pass the twine to the cardholder mentioned in the description.

Ruth presented us with our certificates.

One day a girl called Ruth from Top Oil came into our class to teach us lots of different things about becoming entrepreneus. She told us about the importance of the four STEM skills. These skills are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We has to fill in a Job Skill Shart and make a bar graph to show the skills that are needed for the workplace. Our teacher interviewed Ruth for a job. It was really funny as Ruth did a lot of stupid things and was very rude at the interview. We had a laugh and then Ruth showed us the correct way to do the interview.
by Katie


My Dog

Earlier in the term we participated in Digital Art Treasure Hunt 2014 and were introduced to a sculpture called My Dog by one of Japans most popular contemporary artist Yoshimura Nara. We loved the childlike simplicity of this sculpture and decided to investigate its history.

© Credit : Public Delivery

We were fascinated to discover that a version of this art work has been reproduced as a very special Doggy Radio in a glossy white plastic.The dog's red nos lights up when you turn it on. The volume control can be found underneath the dog's chin.

© Credit : New Art Editions

Warren has great hand eye co-ordination and made his own version using Paint software. We were impressed by his efforts.


Tagxedo Competition

My students are enjoying exploring Tagxedo and experimenting with various design combinations.We hope to write a post on Internet safety later in the month and I'm hoping to include a few of the Tagxedo designs.
Please help me with my final selection by scrolling down to the end of the post and voting for the design of your choice. Check under the design to find the name of the creator.






Fourteen of my students have created designs. Be sure to scroll down to the end to see all their names and to find the submit button.


European Lap Book

Last month our class received an amazing surprise from our eTwinning partners in the Tarn region of France. It was a European lap book. It had two fun games in it. The first one was a game of Dominoes. You had a card with a flag of a European country on one side and the name of a European Union country on the other side.

 At first we found it a bit difficult as the names of the countries were in French but we finsished the game. We used Google translate to find the English names of some of the countries.

The other game involved sorting images and names. They gave us images of monuments, famous authors, buildings and artists from the five eTwinning countries. We had to sort the various items and then match the words with the pictures. 

We also had how to say hello, how are you and thank you in French on the side. The lap book also the information on the population ,language, national anthem and the area of the participating countries. 

They also had some information about the European Union.  We also got a few lovely photographs from their skiing trip to the Pyreneese. finally there were tiny little cookery books featuring recipes from all five participating countries. If you would like to test your knowledge of the Flags of Europe Click here

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