Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is where someone volunteers to go to schools and teach the children for a few weeks about the skills that you need for a job,the resources that you need for your business and a few other things.It was great fun and I would like to do it again.Ruth from Top Oil came to work with our class. She told ue about natural resources, man made resources and human resources. We learned the skills you need for a business and how to make one. We had to work in groups to set up our own business and make out own advertisement.
by Jonathan

Working on the Global Connection activity with Ruth our tutor .

We are all connected globally through the products that we purchase. Here we are playing the Global Connection activity. We read from Global Needs Cards about a car manufaacturer that deals with workers and products from all over the world.We learned how the company's jobs and locations are connected.We had to listed to the explanation of how the cards connect and then pass the twine to the cardholder mentioned in the description.

Ruth presented us with our certificates.

One day a girl called Ruth from Top Oil came into our class to teach us lots of different things about becoming entrepreneus. She told us about the importance of the four STEM skills. These skills are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We has to fill in a Job Skill Shart and make a bar graph to show the skills that are needed for the workplace. Our teacher interviewed Ruth for a job. It was really funny as Ruth did a lot of stupid things and was very rude at the interview. We had a laugh and then Ruth showed us the correct way to do the interview.
by Katie

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