European Lap Book

Last month our class received an amazing surprise from our eTwinning partners in the Tarn region of France. It was a European lap book. It had two fun games in it. The first one was a game of Dominoes. You had a card with a flag of a European country on one side and the name of a European Union country on the other side.

 At first we found it a bit difficult as the names of the countries were in French but we finsished the game. We used Google translate to find the English names of some of the countries.

The other game involved sorting images and names. They gave us images of monuments, famous authors, buildings and artists from the five eTwinning countries. We had to sort the various items and then match the words with the pictures. 

We also had how to say hello, how are you and thank you in French on the side. The lap book also the information on the population ,language, national anthem and the area of the participating countries. 

They also had some information about the European Union.  We also got a few lovely photographs from their skiing trip to the Pyreneese. finally there were tiny little cookery books featuring recipes from all five participating countries. If you would like to test your knowledge of the Flags of Europe Click here

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