A Ghost Story from Rome

Prepare to be scared!

Click on this link to read a Scary story called The Ghost of Beatrice Canci

When you have read the story go to this assignment and see how much you can recall


The Grasshopper and the Ants Animation

The Grashopper and the Ants was a Walt Disney animation made in the 1930s As in the classic fable, the grasshopper plays his fiddle and lives for the moment, while the industrious ants squirrel away massive amounts of food for the winter. With his song, he's able to convince at least one small ant until the queen arrives and scares him back to work. The queen warns the grasshopper of the trouble he'll be in, come winter. Winter comes, and the grasshopper, near starvation, stumbles across the ants, who are having a full-on feast in their snug little tree. They take him in and warm him up. The queen tells him only those who work can eat so he must play for them

If you would like to read more about the animation click on this link clicking on this link



More science videos on Insects at NeoK12.com  
I hope that you will have a greater appreciation of the significance of spiders in our environment after watching this movie.

Measuring the Rainfall September 2012

In September we measured the rainfall in Scoil Eoin.Everyday we put a glass container with a funnel on top outside to collect the rainfall overnight.In the morning we brought it in and measure the rainfall using a graduated cylinder.Then we put the information on a chart in the classroom and also saved the information on  the computer.
We had a class rota and two people were in charge each week.
The highest rainfall was on the 24th September when we got was 637mm. I had to run out several times to change the container.

September Rainfall Block Graph

I recorded the information on Excel and at the end of the month I changed it over to a block graph.The first block graph has all of the dates but they just show the highest days.In the second block graph i left out the 25th of September because as you can see it only goes up to one hundred and eighty and we got six hundred and seventy two so when we tried it it would not work.The first block graph goes up to eight hundred ml so we did not