Beannachtaí na Nollag

Nollaig Shona ó gach éinne i Rang a Cúig

Christmas greetings to all our visitors from Fifth class Scoil Eoin.


Inspired by Mr. Bean

My Idea I was trying to think of an idea for our class recycling project when I heard my sister playing the guitar and that inspired me to think of the guitar. Later in the evening I was watching Mr. Bean’s holiday on TV and I noticed that he had an interesting suitcase and then I remembered the box my sister’s laptop had come in and I thought that I could recycle it into a suitcase.

How I made the items I started off with an empty tissue box and covered it with brown paper. My mam stuck in pins to find the middle section of the box. We wrapped twine around the pins to make the strings. The following day I painted the guitar light brown and put red stripes on the handle while I was in school. I cut the piece at the top of the handle out of cardboard and put pins in to make tuners.

To make the suitcase I covered the laptop box with brown paper. I used a medium dark brown paint and coated the case twice with the paint. When the paint had dried my sister helped me to draw flags of the countries Mr. Bean had visited. Next we stuck them on the front and the top near the handle. Finally my mam got a name tag and a flight tap and we wrote a funny address on the name tag. We were delighted with the final result. The suitcase and guitar looked amazing. It was worth all the work that I had put into it.

Mrs. Ryan Retires

Pupils that were taught by Mrs. Ryan in recent years send their best wishes to her.

Mrs. Ryan taught Third class last year some of her past pupils remember that time.


Making Christmas Cards

On Tuesday members of the Parents’ Association came to our class to help us make Christmas cards. They brought special card, pictures of Christmas scenes and diamante to use as decoration. We used double sided tape to stick them all on.

We had many different types of pictures to choose from such as pictures of Santa and pictures of snowmen. The diamante came in many different sizes from small to large. We used them to decorate our cards.

Thanks to Sally, Gwen, Ashley, Helen and Jacinta from the Parents’ Association for all their help and for the materials for making the cards . In the end all the cards turned out to be brilliant.

Our Christmas Play

This year, our class are performing a Christmas play. We have been very busy preparing and rehearsing it. Today, we are performing for our school and on Thursday, we are performing our play for the parents. Our play is about the birth of Jesus. We are all very excited. Anna has all the costumes and we had a fun time trying them on. We are really looking forward to our Christmas play!



Click on the images to play the games.

Scratch Project

Dragon ghost game

Made by Augustine.

Scratch Project

A man is abducted by an alien

Made by Joe

Scratch Project

A monster meets a character on the beach

Made by Nasser

Scratch Project

Two knights are having a conversation.

Made by Augustine.



Created by Erica

Created by Sinéad

Created by Jennifer

Created by Eoghan

Created by Lorcan


I Am Eleven

I am Eleven is a very inspirational warm hearted documentary viewing the world through the eyes of eleven year olds across the globe. It was made by Genevieve Bailey an Australian documentary filmmaker.

If you would like to read more about some of the children in the movie click on the links below.
Goh from Thailand.
Vandana from Kerala in India.
Kimberley from New Jersey USA

What are the similarities and differences between the lives of the children in the movie and your life? What are your dreams for the future?

Living in an Oak Tree

We are studying an Oak tree that is growing in our school grounds. The tree is about twenty five years old. We were amazed to find that several insects lived in the tree. Brandon and I hope you enjoy our Photostory on the Oak tree.


From Liquid to Solid in Eight Minutes

Last week I had to do an  experiment with cream. Cream is a liquid. It is lighter than milk and usually floats on top of the milk. I put 250 ml. of cream into a bowl. I got an electric beater and as  I whisked and whisked the cream got thicker and thicker.
 After 8 minutes the cream turned into a solid. I had made butter. I tasted it and thought  it was delicious. It didn't taste the same as normal butter because it wasn't salted.

Some children were amazed at the transformation.

After eight minutes the cream had changed into butter. 
This is what the butter looked like when we took it out of the bowl. If you look carefully you may notice a little buttermilk.

This picture of butter patties was taken in the National Museum at Collin's Barracks. They were used in the 20th Century to roll the butter.