Inspired by Mr. Bean

My Idea I was trying to think of an idea for our class recycling project when I heard my sister playing the guitar and that inspired me to think of the guitar. Later in the evening I was watching Mr. Bean’s holiday on TV and I noticed that he had an interesting suitcase and then I remembered the box my sister’s laptop had come in and I thought that I could recycle it into a suitcase.

How I made the items I started off with an empty tissue box and covered it with brown paper. My mam stuck in pins to find the middle section of the box. We wrapped twine around the pins to make the strings. The following day I painted the guitar light brown and put red stripes on the handle while I was in school. I cut the piece at the top of the handle out of cardboard and put pins in to make tuners.

To make the suitcase I covered the laptop box with brown paper. I used a medium dark brown paint and coated the case twice with the paint. When the paint had dried my sister helped me to draw flags of the countries Mr. Bean had visited. Next we stuck them on the front and the top near the handle. Finally my mam got a name tag and a flight tap and we wrote a funny address on the name tag. We were delighted with the final result. The suitcase and guitar looked amazing. It was worth all the work that I had put into it.


  1. That was an amazing idea.The case looks so real it is hard to tell that it was made out of recycled material.