From Liquid to Solid in Eight Minutes

Last week I had to do an  experiment with cream. Cream is a liquid. It is lighter than milk and usually floats on top of the milk. I put 250 ml. of cream into a bowl. I got an electric beater and as  I whisked and whisked the cream got thicker and thicker.
 After 8 minutes the cream turned into a solid. I had made butter. I tasted it and thought  it was delicious. It didn't taste the same as normal butter because it wasn't salted.

Some children were amazed at the transformation.

After eight minutes the cream had changed into butter. 
This is what the butter looked like when we took it out of the bowl. If you look carefully you may notice a little buttermilk.

This picture of butter patties was taken in the National Museum at Collin's Barracks. They were used in the 20th Century to roll the butter.

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