The Story of Alma

In a dull, old town on a cold, snowy evening, a young girl went skipping along down the street. Suddenly, she stopped and in front of her she saw a large chalkboard with hundreds of names written on it.
    She reached into her jacket pocket, and took out a piece of chalk. The little girl found an empty space and among the many names she wrote her name Alma.
Alma gawped at all the names, when suddenly, she heard a noise.
    Alma turned to see a big window with a doll inside. She walked over to get a closer look. It almost seemed like staring at her reflection. Alma rubbed her eyes. She looked back and the doll was gone. Alma thought this was very strange. She tried to open the door. It was locked.
    She got annoyed and threw a snowball at the door. She began to storm off, but she heard the door open. She went inside, she saw the doll that she had seen in the window on a large table. Alma began to walk over, when suddenly she knocked over a doll on a bicycle. She put him back up right. It began to cycle towards the door, when it got quite close the door slammed shut!
    He seemed to want to get out. Alma turned back around, the doll had moved again! This time it was on a tall shelf. She went and pulled over a chair. Alma stood up on the chair. She reached up for the doll. She was almost there. There was a flash. She seemed to be sitting on the shelf. She couldn’t move a muscle. It suddenly dawned on her, she had turned into a doll.

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