Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Scoil Eoin Student Council organised a Christmas shoebox appeal to help people who aren’t as lucky as we are. Team Hope the charity involved has a warehouse in Dublin where they store the shoeboxes before they are shipped abroad.

 We were encouraged to try our best to bring in an item or two to put in a class shoebox or you could do a full one by yourself. We were asked to include something to wash with, something to write with, something to wear and something with the wow factor e.g. a small toy, a packet of sweets etc.

Our shoeboxes are going to go to some Eastern European countries such as Ukraine
Romania, Czech Republic, Armenia and Moldova. Others will be going to African countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Swaziland, Congo and Burundi. We are so happy to say that ALL of the pupils in Scoil Eoin participated in some way. We have received 92 shoeboxes! We are so pleased with ourselves.

In class we watched a video which shows us how delighted and excited the children are when they receive their shoeboxes. After all, it’s more than likely the only Christmas present that they will get. So that’s why we now appreciate what we have and don’t take it for granted. We really hope to participate in the Christmas shoebox appeal next year!

Click here Team Hope   If you would like to learn more about Team Hope 

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