Thick as Thieves

by Killian
 Thick as Thieves is the name of our eTwinning project in which we collaborate online with students from four other countries in the EU.Greece, France, Spain and Finland. We posted a class photo on the site and sent then descriptions about ourselves. They had to match our pictures to the information. It was difficult for them as we are the only school wearing a uniform. This short movie has images of the day we Skyped one of the participant classes in Limnos Island, Greece.

This is a Scratch quiz that we made for our eTwinning partners. Can you complete the quiz in less than sixty seconds? It is important to spell the capitals correctly although you will not be penalised if you forget to start you answers without a capital letter. If you get the quiz finished in less than one minute why not send us a comment on how long it took you to finish.


  1. I think that the time isn't long enough for your game. I tried but didn't get it finished in the time.

  2. eTwinning sounds like a great way to extend your computing skills and knowledge whilst learning about other countries/people. How did you get involved? I'm sure that some at Aveley would love to get involved.

    1. eTwinnning is a content management system in which schools from around the European Union can collaborate on projects and communicate with each other in a safe environment. Postings to the project are uploaded to you own personal space. The message board where the participating students can communicate is very popular with my students. You can read more about it on www.etwinning.net

  3. Hi my name is Annie! I tried the game and I finished in 46 seconds and I got all of the answers correct!

  4. Well done Annie. You had to work very fast to get finished in that time