Reading Snapshot

In our class we're trying to develop a culture of reading.The students are encouraged to read for pleasure and to develop the habit of independent reading.

We made a video to share with others the books that we're reading at the moment and the most popular books in our class today.


  1. Title: Judy Moody Around The World In 8 and a Half Days!
    My book is a very fun book. It's about about a girl who travels the world in eight and a half days. But it doesn't work out for her because it's not possible. By Joyce:)

  2. In The Riddle there is a marvelous craftsman who built a palace for a king.He builds other buildings for kings and queens. His name is Goban Saor. I would rate The Riddle ten out of ten. From Ryan.

  3. My book was written by fifth class in Burr in Co.Offaly.The main characters are Akio, Ash and Tommy.It is wonderful.I really like this book.It is very interesting.I would give this book ten out of ten.

    by Clayton

  4. My book is called Teamwork within Football. The book shows that football is not just a one man sport it shows that football is a team sport and that you need your team. I'ts not just about the players on the pitch it also what goes on behind the scenes. I'd recommend this book to football fans and I'll give it a 10 out of 10.by Killian

  5. I really liked this book called Myth or Mystery.It is about mythical animals.

    by Eoin

  6. The book that I'm reading is Ace by Dick-King Smith.It is a very good book to read and has brilliant illustrations.
    by Craig

  7. I really liked my book it is called The Stretford Enders. The main character in this book is called Luke Farrel .
    He plays football for Everton.I would rate my book 10/10. I really liked my book. by Seán