The Black Hole

Barry was just a normal worker in the Empire State Building. He had lost a bet and is now doing over time so he can pay his bills. He was annoyed and  moody  and was doing printer duty. He pressed the button to photocopy a report for his boss but it did not work so he gave it a kick. It started working. He was humming while he waited. When he looked again at the printer, he noticed  a black hole on a piece of paper that had been printed. He threw  it in the bin and tried again.

 It didn't work again so he gave it another kick. It worked almost straight away but  the black hole was there again. He touched it and was about to rip it when his thumb went right through it. He stood looking at it shocked. He  put his whole arm through this time and pulled it back out. He wondered what is this? His stomach  rumbled and he looked at the vending machine and at the piece of paper. He walked over to the vending machine and placed the piece of paper  against  the glass of the vending machine and put his hand through the glass and took a Snickers bar out. He looked around and a smile came across his face.

He ran through hallways until he came to a stop at his boss's office. He opened the door and ran to the safe in the corner. Quickly he placed the piece of paper  against the cold metal, put his hand through and took out a stack of money. He  shoved it down his shirt and continued  until it was all gone. Then he walked out happily.

Johathan was inspired by the short film The Black Hole when he wrote this story. I'm wondering how Barry escaped. What do you think of his ending?

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