Who has the Greenest Fingers?

Which group has the greenest fingers? That was what we set out to find five weeks ago when we started a mini garden contest.
First we got three plastic containers and filled them with compost. Next we gently sprinkled the seed on top of the compost.  We watered the seed every two to three days. Over the weeks the seedlings grew bigger and bigger and changed into a variety of salad leaves green, red, frilly and curly.
In order to decide which group had the greenest fingers we harvested the salad leaves and weighed them. Group 2 had 22 grams and were the winners. We then ate some of the leaves. Some were soft and delicious but others were very peppery.

 This is the prize winning lettuce.

If you have ever planted anything why don’t you leave a comment? We would love to hear from you.

Posted by Sophie

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