Katie the Caterpillar and the Parasitic Wasp

Katie the caterpillar was the best caterpillar in the jar. She was the funniest because she escaped.Then my teacher put Katie back into the jar but she got right back out again.
One morning Katie was resting on a twig in the jar. Tiny larvae from the parasitic wasp came out of her body. We could see them moving. It was horrible.
I was very sad. She was like a child to me she was the best caterpillar ever. I loved that caterpillar the day I met it. But when I found out that the larvae of the parasitic wasp ate her I was very sad.

Post written by Katie

Listen to Katie recounting the sad tale of the caterpillar that she was taking care of in our classroom.

  If you have the courage watch the National Geographic video below.The Parasitic wasp has injected eggs into the caterpillar. Now they are ready to hatch. Be warned that this is a gory, gruesome story.


  1. So sad, im here with a friend Alli and im also Allie. we have the same name. were from Burlington Vermont and saw this post! were so sorry your little Caterpillar passed away! maybe one day another caterpillar will become your friend and during your friendship turn in to a beautiful butterfly :)

  2. What a fantastic response. You have cheered Katie up. She can't wait until next year to find another caterpillar.