American Indians

When   Columbus  found  America  he thought it was India  because the Spanish didn't  know about America and Columbus wanted to go to India .He called the native people Indians. Later he realised that he had found a new country. He went back to Spain and told King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle.
Later many of the white emigrant that came to America built railway lines across the country and killed most of the buffalo. The native American people couldn't survive without the buffalo and  had to go and live in reservations.

Then the native Americans started a war to get their land back the war was deadly many died it was horrible . There were loads of Americans so the English transported more over and they had more advanced weaponry but still the Americans won they went down to Canada. The Spanish started running out of food so they asked the Americans to help by the next couple of months they could hunt as well as the Americans Then the Americans started getting sick they realised that the Europeans had brought sickness and many died they only stopped when they found a cure.

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New York is a very big city. It has many tourist attractions Central Park, Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty. The population of New York is 8,337,000 (8.3 million) people in 2013. New York is divided into five boroughs Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn. The Statue of Liberty was given as a present by the people of France to the Americans. It weighs as much as 115 cars and is 30 storeys high. Lady Liberty is not in New York it is on an island out side of New York. The Statue of Liberty was made of copper but the colour changed to green by the atmosphere.

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  1. Killian says: My favourite thing about the Native Americans is that they made there own houses (Teepees) the most interesting thing was that they believed in sky spirts and they only killed animals and chop down trees when they had no choice.

  2. i loved leraning about the native americans
    it was so intresting
    my favrite part was making the totan poles

  3. i enjoyed learning about the Native Americans and totem poles from ryan

  4. We are learning about the native american's in our class . We are making a totem poles in our class and we also made feather's i done a tepee in school the other day by scott

  5. The favourite thing miss whelan thought us was avici wake me up in gaelige

  6. the best thing ms whelan though us was wake me up by avici in gaelige

  7. I enjoyed learning about the native Americans It was great fun the best part was the art on totem poles We got to look up images on it then we drew it out on a piece of paper and last we coloured it it was realy fun