Tornado in a Bottle

On Tuesday we tried to make a tornado in a bottle with Ms Whelan.I did not know what logic she was going to use for our experiment. She said she might not get it right on the first time but she looked confident so I trusted her. She was ready and she put her hand on the top of the bottle and she turned it over and shook it around and poured it into a jug. You could see the tornado in the middle of the top of the bottle and it looked amazing.
So that was a success and we tried it again and that was also a success but the third time we had a little problem when she was pouring it in the bottle slipped out of the jug and it went all aver the place and it was a good thing we had the cloth so we got to do that again and we got it on target this time.
 It was a great success and now I am going to tell you how to do it. First you get a bottle of water, a jug, and a cloth just in case you spill it. Then you get the top and twist the bottle round, then you get the top of the bottle and put it in the palm of your hand, next you shake it around for a couple of seconds and finally you pour it into the jug and look at the top of the bottle near to the spout. If you're lucky you can see your mini tornado in a bottle.

 By Craig

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