Scratch Game on the Birds of KIlbarrack

How good are you at recognising the local birds? Test your knowlwedge by playing this game. There are three levels in the game

Level 1 Tests your knowledge of the most common birds.

Level 2 concentrates on larger birds. You will notice several of them walking around searching for food on the ground on your way to school

Level 3 concentrates on winter visitors to the area as well as some sea birds that come inland when there is very bad weather. this level also includes the waxwing.This exotic bird flew all the way from Siberia and unfortunatley was found dead in the grounds of Scoil Eoin


  1. I loved this game but it took me 300 seconds to do it. If I practice a few more time then I will know all the birds of Kilbarrack.

  2. Dolly CrossMarch 15, 2015

    This is a great game! Really tested my knowledge of birds. I completed the quiz in 194 seconds.