The Mariners' Church in Kilbarrack

There has been a church on the seafront at Kilbarrack since the 6th  century when a holy man named Berach set up a monastery there. It’s from this man that the place got its name. Kilbarrack means the Church of Berach. At the time the site was on sand dunes and one can imagine that the monks were able to enjoy the abundant supply of fish and shellfish that were available close by. Fresh water was also available locally.
If you take a good look over the sea wall at low tide you may be able to spot the place where these streams now enter the sea.

In the 14th century the mariners and fishermen of the area built a church to St. Mary Star of the Sea in Kilbarrack. According to tradition the church was built on this spot near a sand bank for the assistance of ship wrecked mariners. The sailors came here to offer prayers for their friend lost at sea.

Well done Jonathan for a great drawing of the church ruin.


  1. Its a really nice drawing but if you want to make it look better make sure to use a ruler :-)

  2. Really good drawing very life like. So how long did it take you to complete this piece of art ????

    1. Jonathan did a rough sketch on the day we visited the ruin of the church. He enjoys drawing and spent an hour or two completing it.

  3. That is a Great drawing.
    By Melanie