Papier-mâché Owls

The inspiration for this project was an article and set of instructions in a recent issue of Burda Craft magazine. In the accompanying photos the finished owls looked awesome and I immediately thought that my students would love to recreate them. However the article gave no indication of the mammoth task. Now that we've finished we're delighted with the finished product and think that it was worth the effort.

If you are interested in trying this project you may be interested in the following suggestions.
  • Blowing the balloon up half way will give you a more manageable owl.
  • We found that making the legs, attaching them to the bird and then getting the owl to stand were the most challenging parts of the project.
  • The top of the legs is similar to a paper clip and is inserted into an empty space. It is essential to reinforce that bottom of the bird to make it strong enough to support the legs.
Many thanks to Adrienne for her time and patience assisting with this project and to Bill for recycling old coat hangers into amazing legs.


  1. These owls look so cool I would love to try and make one.

  2. I love the way you made these owls, it shows how creative you guys are. I'm going to try and make one of these owls just the way you made it.\
    From: Ibrahim (Sydney, Australia)

  3. Wow your owls look great! I've made a pig using the same method before but I have never made an owl.

  4. These owls look cool, how long did it take to make them?

  5. Wow that so interesting.
    The owls are very creative and I want to take my time to make one of my own.
    Bradston (Sydney, Australia)

  6. So Cute! One of my favorite animals are the awesome owls! I may be creative but I could never do something like this!

  7. Hi Sheyenne,
    I loved the owls when I saw the first but they were very difficult and time consuming to make. If you have lots of patience you should try but I would advise you to make them smaller.