Microsoft Education Summit

I’m attending the Microsoft Education Summit in the Aviva Stadium Dublin. What a fabulous location for the summit.

 Pupils from Clontuskert National School gave a marvellous presentation on their use of digital technologies. Their Ringfort Project was a winner at the Eircom Junior Spiders in March.They also demonstrated some new pieces of software that I hope to introduce to my pupils in the next few weeks.

 Click Clontuskert Blog to read more about their projects.
 Today you were amused when you saw a picture of the first Smart phone in an old text book. How technology has advanced since you were born!

Now view Microsoft's Vision for 2019 to get a glimpse of their vision for the future.

 Some of the products depicted are already a reality. Look out for the coffee cup with the drink’s temperature displayed.

 I couldn't resist taking a few minutes off to view the fabulous stadium.

Aviva stadium Dublin 

Can you see the light shining at the exit for injured players. I think that this is a machine for irrigating the pitch.

The irrigation machine is resting.

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