A Glimpse of South Korea

Miyoung's portrait by Jennifer O'Hara Doyle

This is Miyoung a teacher from South Korea who has been working with our class all week. She taught a lesson on South Korea and showed us many interesting pictures of life in her country.We enjoyed comparing our lives with the life  in her country almost nine thousand kilometers  miles away.

Korean pictures by Miyoung

I was interested to hear about the ancient observatory at Chumsungdae. The tower is cylindrical in shape and was built in 600 A.D. It  is the oldest surviving observatory in East Asia.

I was intrigued by this roof that is made of wood. These roofs are usually found on temples or on the homes of wealthy people.

We were fascinated to hear that Miyoung has a pet hedgehog at home. In Ireland hedgehogs are wild animals and don't usually live in captivity. Miyoung assured us that this is a genetically modified hedgehog. He looks cute and tiny and is ten months old.

Images of South Korea

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  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2013

    Great job! Also I am interested about South Korea so this post showed me a few things. Thank you!