Rachael's Post Showcased on 100 WC

100 Word Challenge is a weekly creative challenge for children under 16 years of age. Each week a prompt is given usually either a series of words or a picture and this provides the inspiration to get writing. Students can use up to 100 words and post the finished piece on their own personal blog. Finally the individual posts are linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog.

Since September we have been working on the weekly challenges set by 100WC. It has been hugely motivating and many class members have been eager to participate. It is an opportunity for them to have their writing read by and international audience. We have also been learning about how to make constructive comments and using our skills to write comments on the writing of others. This provides the opportunity to continue the conversation and to gain an in depth understanding of the various topics.

This week we are really delighted to have the work of Rachael one of our pupils showcased in the 100 word challenges. This is an exciting development for us and we are all thrilled.
I know that this will provide an impetus for many more students to get writing and hope that their work will be showcased in the future.

We got a surprise tweet this morning congratulating Rachael

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