Map My School

Map My School is a competition organised by Ordnance Survey Ireland  with the objective  of getting primary school classes to get practical hands-on experience of map making and in the process enhance their map reading skills. This project provided many opporunities for the students to get practical mathematical experiences and in the process enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts such as length,width, area, perimeter and scale.

Read Joyce's account of her experience working on the project.

Our class is participating in a project called Map My School. First we had to measured many different parts of the school. We had to get the length and width of many different parts of the school building. Next we had to measured the perimeter of the grounds.This was really difficult as our school has many curves on the perimeter had to use some bamboo canes to keep track of our measurements. We were lucky because Mr. McGuire gave us a measuring tape that was 50 meters long.

As we measured the school we wrote down the amount of meters that we measured in a special notebook.Next we had to change these measurements to a scale of 1cm: 200cm so that we could fit our map on the paper. It was a difficult job to do but we still got it finished. We also coloured the map to brighting it up. Many other schools are also doing it too. It is a competition all over Ireland. Good luck to all the other schools participating.
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