RDS Primary Science Fair

Did you know that crystallography is the science of studying crystals and how they form? During the last few weeks pupils from Fifth class have been working as amateur crystallographers engaging in the process of scientific inquiry as the investigated, observed and recorded their experiences making crystals.

They have boiled water, cooled water, and used graduated cylinders, cups and teaspoons as they dissolved substances, evaporated the solution and learned how to recognise a saturated solution. They used sugar, salt, Epsom salts and alum to investigate the process of crystallization. The work is almost over and now they are ready to display their project at the RDS Primary Science Fair on Friday the 10th January.
Check our the links below to find out about some of the Special Acts that I hope you will get an opportunity to see when we get a break from our stand at the Science Fair
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  1. Ryan L i loved learning how to make crystals but i loved the alum crystal the most i enjoyed making crystals

  2. Sean B I loved making crystals because I learned what a saturated solution is I find it interesting

  3. I think I liked making the blue sugar crystals was best by sophie