In our class we are doing an eTwinning project. eTwinning is when other schools in the EU communicate with you using Twin Space on a special website for projects. First we agreed to participate in a project called Thick as Thieves. The title means that we are very,very friendly with each other. There are five school participating in our project. They are from the following places Bilbao Spain, Tanus France, Limnos Greece and a school in Helsinki Finland.

It's great fun to be able to communicate with other people in a different country. For the project our class is divided into four groups and each group is working with a different country, but we can still get to communicate with other people in the other schools. Sometimes we go to the computer room to reply to our friends in a different country. I'm working with the school in France Tanus. I've got messages from Emily, Rania and Demmie. We are even able to log in to it at home. It's really good I'm looking forward to talking to them after Christmas.

We made Christmas card to send to our eTwinning friends. The collage will give you an idea of some of the cards that we sent.

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