Measuring the height of Trees

In Scoil Eoin we are very fortunate to have a wide variety of trees growing in the school grounds. We took our clinometers outside to measure the heights of some of the trees.

We attached  a tiny roll of paper on the clinometer. To get a correct measurement you must get into a position so that you can see the top of the tree through the narrow roll of paper.The you must get your partner to check that the plumb line is hanging vertically.

We measure the distance from the the person with the clinometer to the trunk of the tree. Then we had to add the height of the students up to their eye and add it to the measurement.

This Holm Oak was planted by the  President of Ireland in 1992
This is the Holm oak. It is evergreen and  its dark green leathery leaves look like Holly.It comes from the Mediterranean region It was planted by Mary Robinson President of Ireland when she visited Scoil Eoin in 1992. After twenty years it  is now eighteen and a half meters high.

Horse Chestnut trees
These Horse chestnuts are crowded together and haven't sufficient place to grow.The tallest one is 14 meters high.

These Poplar trees grow at the entrance to the school.

These rapidly growing Poplar trees are the tallest trees in the school grounds. The tallest one is approximately 26 meters tall.

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