Sparrows Roost at the Dart Station

Where do sparrows sleep at night? Most people think that they sleep in nests. But in fact, they usually roost together in a hedge. They do this for warmth and also to watch out for predators. One hundred eyes are better than two.

Picture by Ryan B

In Kilbarrack, the sparrows all roost together in the hedge at the local Dart station. They usually start arriving about an hour before nightfall. While their loud repetitive noise can be heard by the passengers waiting on the platform the sparrows themselves are almost invisible. Their dull plumage helps to make them invisible. The males have a black bib under their throat. In the winter you cannot see the bib as much. Sparrows eat seed and berries but the nestlings are fed insects.

Short video of the sparrows settling in for the night.

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  1. Your blog is fantastic, I enjoyed it. I love the sparrowa at Kilbarrack Dart Station. Well done and good luck at the competition. B